Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PA cracks down on remote sellers re: sales tax

In December the department issued a tax bulletin that explains existing sales tax nexus law for remote sellers and clarifies the law and the department’s authority to require e-commerce and other out-of-state sellers to collect sales tax.

Examples of maintaining a place of business in the Commonwealth include, but are not limited to:

(1) A remote seller storing its property or the property of a representative at a distribution or fulfillment center located within the Commonwealth, regardless if the center also stores property of third parties that is distributed from the same location.

(2) A remote seller who has a contractual relationship with an entity or individual physically located in Pennsylvania whose website has a link that encourages purchasers to place orders with the remote sellers. The in-state entity or individual receives consideration for the contractual relationship with the remote seller.

(3) A remote seller utilizing affiliates, agents and/or independent contractors located in Pennsylvania who will provide repair, delivery or other service relating to tangible personal property sold by the remote seller to Pennsylvania customers.

(4) A remote seller’s affiliates, agents and/or independent contractors provide service(s) within the Commonwealth (including, but not limited to storage, delivery, marketing or soliciting sales) that benefit, support and/or complement the remote seller’s business activity.

(5) A remote seller’s employee(s) regularly travel(s) to Pennsylvania for any purpose related to the remote seller’s business activity.

(6) A remote seller who accepts orders that are directly shipped to Pennsylvania customers from a Pennsylvania facility which is operated by a remote seller’s affiliate, agent or independent contractor.

(7) A remote seller who regularly solicits orders from Pennsylvania customers via the website of an entity or individual physically located in Pennsylvania, such as via click-through technology.

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