Wednesday, August 1, 2012

State Tax Reciprocal Agreements example

From January 2010. These may not always stay the same so please confirm before depending on the info! (DE has no reciprocal agreements of this nature.)

State States with State Tax Reciprocal Agreements Exemption Form

District of Columbia All non-residents who work in DC can claim exemption from withholding for the DC income tax. D-4A

Illinois Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin IL-W-5-NR

Indiana Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin WH-47

Iowa Illinois 44-016

Kentucky Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Virginia 42A809

Maryland District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia MW 507

Michigan Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin - Employers may create their own exemption form or use the line on MI-W4 for claiming exemption from withholding. Employee should write "Reciprocal Agreement" and the state name on that line. MI-W4

Minnesota Michigan, North Dakota MWR

Montana North Dakota NR-2

New Jersey Pennsylvania NJ-165

North Dakota Minnesota, Montana NDW-R

Ohio Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia IT-4NR

Pennsylvania Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia REV-420

Virginia Kentucky, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia VA-4

West Virginia Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia WV/IT-104

Wisconsin Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan W-220

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